Jenny Mure is a tiny doodle creature from the wilds of Nottinghamshire. She graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2016. She loves animals, maps and fictional places

Her first self-published comic, Seven Stones, was released in the Autumn of 2015, and since then she has carried on producing self-published comics, as well as contributing to various publications and exhibitions

Published Works:

  • Sliced Quarterly Anthology 2016 (Comic artst/writer)

  • Chimes Windersday Annual / GW2 Artist Collective 2017 (Contributing illustrator)

  • Comic Book Slumber Party Presents: Escape From Bitch Mountain / Avery Hill 2018 (Comic artist/writer)

  • GuildMag The Annual 2018 (Contributing illustrator)

  • LeftLion Magazine / Various (Regular contributing illustration/comic artist)


  • The Dragons We Slay / The Island, Bristol / 2017

  • Equinox / The Island, Bristol / Autumn 2018

  • (upcoming) On This Planet / Old Street Gallery, London / May 2019

You can find her @littlemure on twitter, littlemure on Tumblr and littlemure_ on instagram.